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Yamaha V Star 1100
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Pacific Coast Star Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star Performance Parts

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Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star Performance Pistons

V Star 1100 Performance Pistons

Our Performance Pistons are the foundation for anyone looking for more power from their V-Star 1100. We offer 2 compressions over the stock 8.3 to 1 low compression pistons.

Our 10.6 to 1 compression aerospace aluminum alloys pistons (recommended) hold leading performance achievements across the board. Providing top performance efficiency while still using premium pump gas. Add a Dyna 3000 ignition module, and take advantage of high octane race fuel for even more performance gains.

Our 10.25 to 1 pistons will provide slightly less performance gains for the average rider looking for more grunt while still using mid or high octane fuel. Either way .... Twist it and Hang on!

With either compression, you will have "daily driver" reliability with drag strip performance gains.


  • 10.6 or 10.25 to 1 Compression Pistons

  • Ring sets

  • Piston pins and circlips

  • Includes Front and Rear Piston sets

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Select Compression
Piston Gasket Set


Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star "X" Series High Lift Cams

V Star 1100 X  Series High Lift Cams

The "X" Series cams are available in 3 grinds. Each of them utilize your stock valve springs for ease of installation. Across the board better performance, the "X" Series cams have been leaving the competition behind for years. All of our cams utilize the race industry proven nickel based hard weld face for proven performance and daily driver long term lifespan endurance.
  • Our Double X cams have been the work horse cam for several years. Low to Mid range performance is enhanced with these cams, and is recommended for use with stock pistons, or our 10.25:1 pistons
  • Our Triple X cam grind is developed for use with our 10.6:1 compression pistons. These cams provide the best top end (rpm) performance available without changing your valve springs. Use these cams for higher speed / RPM performance applications.
  • Our Triple X2 cams are definitely the best overall, direct replacement cams on the market today. These are our favorite cams to install on our customers motorcycles. This cam has proven to work well with stock pistons, our 10.25:1 or our 10.6:1 pistons. These cams were designed particularly to provide the overall performance of our Triple X cams, with a power band that hits much earlier in the RPM range.

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Select Cam
Cam Core Required


Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star "Z" Series Ultra High Lift Cam Dual Valve Spring  Package

Triple Z Cam Package and Valve Spring kit.

V Star 1100 Series Ultra High Lift Cam Dual Valve Spring Package

Our Triple Z Ultra High Lift cams provide the highest performance increase available in V-Star 1100 cams, period. With much better off the line acceleration and higher top end hp than the competition.
These cams have been designed specifically for use with our 10.6:1 Compression pistons, and require our Dual Valve Spring kit (shown) to handle the air gulping 498 lift. These cams were the first Ultra High Lift cams on the market specifically designed and ramped for the V-Star 1100 engine, and are unbeatable in performance and reliability and cutting edge cam technology. All of our cams utilize the race industry proven nickel based hard weld face for proven performance and daily driver long term lifespan endurance.

More Info

Triple Z Ultra High Lift Cam Set
(must use Dual Valve Springs below)
Cam Core Required
Dual Valve Spring Kit


Yamaa V Star 1100 / Drag Star Head Port and Polish

V Star 1100 Head Port and Polish

Recommended for Race applications only. Requires head to be sent to PCS for work
Call to order


V STAR 1100
Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star Performance Flat Slide 39mm Carburetors

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