Cam Core Information

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 Select ONLY if you are placing an order for a Cam Kit and you do not want to pre-send your cams in before the order ships. If you are planning on pre-sending your cam cores, place your order and send us your cams. Carefully package them, and put your name inside the box with the cams. We will begin processing your order now, and once your cams arrive and your order is ready we will ship your order.

 If you choose to select having us pre-send you cams, Place you order, and select the proper core charge below. Once your cores are returned to us and inspected, the cam core deposit is:

  • 90% refundable if received within 30 days
  • 50% refundable if received in 31-60 days
  • No refund if cores are received after 60 days or are in unacceptable condition

 When sending in cores please make sure that each cam packaged so no damage will occur during shipping. We are not responsible for cams that are damaged during shipping. We always recommend the appropriate amount of insurance is placed on the package when shipped. Please remember to check that your cams are good, stock cores before sending. Bad, damaged, previously reground or aftermarket cams are not acceptable for core exchange credit or refund.

Core Charge $300.00
Core Charge $400.00

Please contact us if you have any questions about cam cores. We will be happy to help out any way we can.

PCS will not return cams that are received damaged. If you want them, you will be responsible to pay for return shipping costs.

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