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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: If I install one of your performance packages, will my bike still be dependable for a daily driver.

A: Yes, absolutely. All of the performance parts we offer online are designed for performance and daily dependability.

Q: If I install your full package will my gas mileage suffer?

A: Actually, it can improve. Under normal average driving conditions many people report their mileage has actually increased by around 40 to 60 miles per tank! Now, if you have a heavy throttle hand all bets are off, but with the increased power, gas mileage will probably be the last thing on your mind!!! Actually, even while driving aggressively your gas mileage will be similar to what you bike was before the performance upgrade. This is possible because the new Keihin carbs are significantly more efficient than the OEM carbs and the increased power the pistons and cams provide mean you will not need to open the throttle as much to develop the same speed and power.

Q: Do your Engine Packages or parts come pre-tuned?

A: No. There is really no way to send you a package that is "pre-tuned". Each bike is different and will require it's own specific tuning. With that being said, we do send the parts / packages with the settings we have found to be most common. When installed properly the bike should run pretty darn good. But for top performance we always recommend you have tuning done specifically for your bike. You may find out we hit it right on and we often do. As always, we provide our PCS technical support for any questions you may have.

Q: Do your pistons require me to bore my cylinders?

A: No. Our pistons are designed to use the stock bore. As a matter of fact, we recommend NOT boring the 1100 engine. Yamaha's cylinders have state of the art nickel/ceramic plating, not a traditional cast iron sleeve. This lining is VERY good for heat dissipation and great for longevity. It also allows for much tighter tolerances since it does not expand and contract like a steel sleeve does. Even after 10s of thousands of miles, we regularly still see the OEM factory "cross hatching" on the cylinder walls and sometimes they still look brand new! If for some reason your cylinder is damaged, we would still recommend replacing the cylinder, rather than over boring it. Plain and simple, the stock cylinders are "that good!"

Q: If the bore and stroke remain the same, then how do you generate so much more power?

A: Quite simply, higher compression. The tighter you compress the fuel and air mixture in an engine, the more violent /efficient the combustion, thus creating more power. (that's a very simple answer) We have also tested over boring the cylinders and found the increase is very minor (a little better performance at low rpm, but worse at high rpm), especially when compared to the cost of doing it and the sacrifice to the longevity of the motor.

Q: If 10.6:1 compression is so much better than 8.3:1 (stock) compression, then why not go even higher, like 11.1:1 or 12:1 or higher.

A: After A LOT of testing, we have found with the V Star 1100 motor, 10.6 is the exact compression to produce the best performance gains and still be able to use pump gas and use a performance cam that is going to put the power band in the most advantageous area. A compression rating of 11.1:1 (for example) dangerously over compresses the engine requiring race (110 octane or higher) fuel to avoid pre-detonation (ping), or the use of a cam with a huge "overlap" (the time when both intake and exhaust valves are open at the same time) to actually allow some of the compression you just created to escape to bring the compression back down to "safe" levels. The main problem with that is, the longer the cam overlap is the less bottom end power your engine can generate. Meaning you move you power band significantly higher in the rpm range. This may be fine for an R6 or R1 that spin 10000+ RPM, but not on a V-Twin that maxes out at +/- 7500 RPM.

 Look, Since we've done all of the R&D and compression calculations, it's pretty simple, if a higher compression piston were to actually perform better, all we would need to do is make a simple phone call and increase the dome height on our cylinders. We've done the testing, that's how you get proven performance.

Q: This information is great, but I have a lot more questions.

A: Great, we expect you to. There's a lot of hype and misleading information out there about performance. We are proud to say we were the first and still the best in V Star performance. The info here is VERY basic and brief. We are very proud to say, every other engine kit we are aware of, offered by any other company, is just a poor copy of our hard work (imitation is the best...). We really enjoy taking the time to talk performance with our customers. We look forward to your call and will be happy to take the time to answer any questions you may have. Performance engines are fascinating and helping you understand them better is what we're here for.

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