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Yamaha V Star 950
TourChoice Original Seat

Pacific Coast Star Yamaha V Star 950 Seats

Yamaha V Star 950 TourChoice OriginalStyle Driver Seat
 V Star 950 TourChoice Original

V Star 950 TourChoice Original Seat

Our TourChoice Original Seat is designed with maximum comfort in mind at an extremely affordable price. If you love it, keep it, and then return your old stock seat back to us. So go for that long ride, you'll wish your gas tank was bigger. Also, we can add studs and other options to this seat at the same time (see the additional options at the bottom of the page).
  • Each seat is hand shaped
  • Designed to substantially increase comfort and support
  • Improve control by lowering seating height and center of gravity
  • Our seat material matches the stock seat perfectly, so changing one will not create a "mismatched" seat style
  • 100% ride it first satisfaction guarantee
  • Includes a Pre Paid Return shipping label*
  • Seat Core Required

Read More about the TourChoice Syle Seat


If you have any questions about our Seat Exchange program, please Contact Us.

This is an awesome program, designed to provide you an affordable seat. But to continue to provide it, we must require certain agreements from the purchaser. Seat Cores being returned must be OEM (stock) seats in good condition with no scuffs or tears or damage and must be for the same model bike you are ordering a seat for. If you have questions or concerns about the condition of your return seat, please contact us before ordering. We will try to help out, and generally can. Un-returned or unacceptable core seats subject the purchaser to the full OEM replacement cost of the seat. Please return your core seat as soon as possible to avoid any charges, if there are any unforeseen problems please call us and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We want to make your seat purchase as simple and enjoyable as possible. (Be sure to read the Core Charge information page for more information!)

* Price shown above includes shipping and return shipping costs. Once a seat has shipped from our facility, shipping fees are not refundable. “Return services” are available in the 48 continuous states only, and are only available through UPS. Seats shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada may require additional shipping costs. Since there will be additional shipping costs to those areas, the return shipping costs will be applied towards shipping to you. If there are any additional costs for shipping you agree it will be charged to your card, and will appear as a second transaction on your credit card. Return shipping not included when purchasing passenger seats separately. Please call us if you have any questions. Other restrictions may apply. By purchasing a seat, the purchaser authorizes Pacific Coast Star to charge any seat replacement costs and/or additional shipping (on non 48 state purchases) to the Credit Card used.

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