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Pacific Coast Star has been building the "TourChoice Original" style seats since 1999. When one of the owners could not ride on the stock seat for more than 30 minutes at a time because of lower back problems (aggravated by a very poor seat design) he decided to see what he could do to fix the stock seat before plopping down a fistful of cash for a new aftermarket seat. After several attempts, they finally developed a seat design which gave him significantly more comfort and much better support.

It didn't take long before members of the local Yamaha Star chapter asked to try the seat. Several of them asked if they could do the same for their seats as well. Well it wasn't long after building their seats that the rumor started to spread on the internet. Almost immediately people started contacting them via email and other methods to ask if they could build seats for them also.

They quickly found themselves, arriving home from work each day with a dozen or more boxes stacked on the doorstep with seats from people all over the country requesting their seats to be done also. It didn’t take long before the seat foam began flying and a business was formed building more comfortable, supportive seats for the Yamaha Star cruisers.

The seat got its name, the "Original", because it was the first (or the “original”) style of seat Pacific Coast Star made. Shortly after the introduction of the "Original" style, we introduced our sleek seamless custom "Potato Chip" style seat. So when our customers would refer to our seats online, they referred them as the "Original" seat or the "Potato Chip" seat. So the name "Original” stuck. Trust us, our "Original" style seat is nothing like the original seat your bike came with!

Soon, because of the demand for the seats, we began investing in seats for each of the Star cruisers from Yamaha to have seats pre-built before customers sent their own seats in to make the turnaround time quicker. But it seemed that as quickly as we built them, they were already sold. People were obviously feeling the comfort of the seats and they were seeing the value and quality. Furthermore, because of the process, our seat materials match the stock seats perfectly. There is no more reason to have mismatched seat combinations on your bike and our seat will fit and mount exactly like the manufacture designed them to.

So now, through our unique "Seat Exchange" program we offer a "100% ride it first" satisfaction guarantee. Once you place your order, we will hand build a seat for you and ship it to you. Once you receive your new seat, you are able to try it out for 2 weeks (try that with one of the other pricey aftermarket seat companies). Put as many miles on it as you would like. If you love it (and we think you will), keep it. Then return your old stock seat* back to us with the included Return shipping label**. If for some reason you don't love your new seat, just return our seat to us. We will refund the cost of the seat to you. But we're confident you’re going to love your new seat. Since 1999 well over 95% of our customers have.

 If you have any questions about our Seat Exchange program, please Contact Us. We're happy to help out and answer any questions you may have.

*Seat Cores must be OEM Stock seats in good condition with no scuffs or tears or damage. If you have questions or concerns about the condition of your return seat, please contact us first. We can generally help out. Un-returned or unacceptable core seats subject the purchaser to the full OEM replacement cost of the seat. By purchasing a seat, the purchaser authorizes PCS to charge any replacement costs to the Credit Card on file (Be sure to read the core charge information page!). Please return as soon as possible to avoid any charges, if there are any unforeseen problems please call us and we will be happy to help in any way we can. We want to make your seat purchase as simple and enjoyable as possible.

** “Return services” are only available in the 48 continuous states, and are only available through UPS. Seats shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada may require additional shipping costs. Credit equal to 48 state shipping will be applied toward shipping costs to you, additional cost for shipping (if any) will be charged to your card, and will appear as a second transaction on your credit card. Return shipping not included when purchasing passenger seats separately. Please call us if you have any questions. Other restrictions may apply.

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