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All of our fenders are top quality hand laid composite fiberglass. We offer both uncut (or skirted) and precut on some fenders.

Skirted (or un-cut) fenders have extra material around the edges and can be easily shaped to your own unique style. Most of our fenders even come with faint score lines to assist you in shaping the fender to match some of our most popular styles.

Our Pre Cut fenders make it simpler to achieve the look with much less work.  All of our rear fenders when used with the stock fender framing
are designed to easily support the weight of your passenger and luggage. Our rear fenders utilize the stock fender framing located under your stock fender with no modification. Your side chrome eyebrows may be used on the longer fenders, but are not required. We would be happy to talk with you regarding any questions you may have, feel free to call us.

















Pacific Coast Star Logo


Q: About your tank... Will the stock speedo go onto the tank? And, what is the fuel capacity of the tank? and, oh yeah, what does it cost?

A: We stretch your stock tank. So the speedo will work exactly the same as it does now. The fuel capacity is not changed. As far as cost goes, well, there are several options. It's best if you give us a call.  Also, because we do have a limited supply of tanks, we may be able to do an exchange tank for you, so you will be able to continue to ride your bike, until your tanks arrives. The core charge will/may apply in that case.

Q: What options are available on your stretched tanks.

A: All of our stretches include stretching the tank to match one of our Potato Chip style seats. We also roll over the ugly pinch weld on the bottom of the tank, via a very meticulous time consuming process. Once that process is done, we Red Coat TM line the inside of the tank to insure a leak proof tank, and significantly increase the life of your tank by preventing the inevitable rust and corrosion the can occur on stock tanks. Then we body work the  work the tank, and prime it . Other options include installing a flush mount "pop up" gas cap, and/or adding a "flat panel" to remove your speedo, if that is what your bike scheme entails.

Q: Once I get the tank, is it ready for the paint booth?

A: We have found that every painter insists on doing his/her own prep-work to the tank no matter how perfect the it is from us. So we tell people it's about 80% ready, your painter will give it a final once over before it gets painter if he/she thinks it's necessary. 

We would be happy to talk with you regarding any questions you may have, feel free to call us. Use your browsers "BACK" button to return to the page you came from.



















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