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Yamaha Star Dynos

These Dynos show the before and after runs of each bike. The Red Line indicates the before Horsepower and Torque and the Blue line indicates the after Horsepower and Torque when added to a stock bike. Additional increases can be expected with various aftermarket exhaust and other performance products.

V Star 650
Yamaha V Star 650 Dyno Run

V Star / Drag Star 1100
Yamaha V Star 1100 / Drag Star Dyno Run

V Star 1300
Yamaha V Star 1300 Dyno Run

Road Star / Wild Star 1600
Yamaha V Star Road Star Dyno Run

RS Warrior 1700
Yamaha V Star RS Warrior Dyno Run

Roadliner | Stratoliner
Yamaha Stratoliner | Roadliner Dyno Run
Dynos provided by Thunder Mfg.

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