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AIS Removal Kits

Yamaha AIS Removal Kits

Yamaha Road Star / V Star AIS Removal Kit

Yamaha Road Star / RS Warrior AIS Removal Kit 102CI

AIS Removal Kit

"A MUST HAVE when installing Aftermarket Pipes"

 The stock Air Induction System (AIS) will create a backfire while driving by introducing fresh air into the hot exhaust stream, especially during deceleration. With stock, highly baffled exhaust systems, it's not very obvious.

 When installing aftermarket exhaust systems, this backfiring becomes very loud and annoying.

 At thousands of RPMs, a virtual "torch" is created, resulting in very high temperatures which can quickly cause bluing of Chrome, and overheating Ceramic Pipe coatings (which can void warranties).

 During tuning the fresh air from the AIS will create an improper "lean" AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) reading which often causes a tuner to over compensate and adjust the AFR to a very rich setting.

 Our AIS Removal kits removes the AIS system, stops the annoying backfire, enabling better tuning, and cleans up the engine by removing clutter off of the engine.

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