Cable Length Information

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Our cable sets are measured in how much longer you need over the stock length. So you will notice our cable measurements are chosen by +5", +6", ... etc. So, by using your stock cables you can determine the additional length you need your cables to be.


Generally, when ordering cables for Ape Hangers use the rise of your new Ape Hangers and subtract 5 to get your cable length. For example, if you are installing 16" Ape Hangers, you will want +11" cables (16 - 5 = 11). If you are adding taller risers at the same time, remember to add the difference in height of the risers also.

For Stratoliner and Roadliners follow the same as above, but subtract 7 instead of 5.

Note: This is the "Rule of Thumb" which we use. PCS is not responsible for incorrect cable lengths. You are responsible for making correct measurements.



The most accurate way to determine the proper length of cables needed is to install your new risers and / or handlebars. Then using the stock cables, determine how much longer you will need them to be. Always make sure to have the bike in a safe level place when working on it. Always double check your measurements, be sure to check cable lengths with the handlebars turned fully both directions and with the cables routed the correct way.


When measuring the Front Brake line length, be sure your fork tubes are fully extended. You can do this while the bike is on it's kick stand. Place a jack under the front of the frame and slowly jack the front until the forks fully extend.

Rear brake lines are sent the same length as stock lines. Custom Rear Brake line lengths (when needed) can be custom ordered.

Please contact us if you have any questions about cable ordering. We will be happy to help out any way we can.

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