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Yamaha Stratoliner | Roadliner
Handlebar Risers

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Yamaha Stratoliner | Roadliner Baron Pullback Risers BA-7422-00

Yamaha Stratoliner | Roadliner Baron Black Pullback Risers BA-7422-01

Stratoliner | Roadliner Baron Pullback Risers

The answer to every Roadliner/Stratoliner riderís needs is provided by Baronís new íLiner Pullback Risers. These beautifully-styled risers move your stock handlebar back towards the rider 2.25" (inches) with only 1" (inch) of rise. And, you can use all the stock lines, cables and controls

  • Moving the handlebar closer to the rider also allows your neck, shoulders and back to relax - reducing, if not completely eliminating the aches and pain stock risers can create
  • Designed to compliment the design and elegance of all íLiner models
  • Blend beautifully with the triple tree, dash and fuel tank features
  • All hardware is hidden
  • Pullback 2.25" Rise: 1"
  • Installation is easy and does not require special tools or skills - and they install using all the stock lines, cables and controls
  • Available in your choice of chrome or Yamaha Midnight Black powder-coat finishes
Sug. Retail $237.95
PCS Price $208.95

BA-7422-00, BA-7422-01


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