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Yamaha Road Star
Rear Suspension and Lowering Kits

Pacific Coast Star Road Star Rear Lowering Kit

Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Rear Lowering Kit

Yamaha Roadstar / Wild Star Rear Lowering Kit

Road Star Rear Lowering Kit

  • Pacific Coast Star designed specifically for your Road Star / Wild Star to lower your ride approximately 1 3/4" from stock.
  • Gives your bike a tough lowered look, eases handling and lowers the center of gravity.
  • Does Not require replacing expensive bearings, collars or seals
  • Does Not require removal of rear wheel for installation
  • Does Not soften or stiffen your rear spring rate
  • The kit easily installs with a few basic tools
  • Comes with complete simple instructions and PCS Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Our Lowering Kits are proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Fits All Years
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Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Lowering Kit Linkage

$89.95 Free Shipping on this Item*


Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Progressive Rear Spring

Road Star Progressive Rear Spring

  • Our exclusive progressive rated springs are the most advanced in the industry
  • Provides a progressive spring rate which adjusts while you ride as needed from 825 to 1250 lbs as you ride
  • No "straight weight " spring can come close to matching it's performance and comfort without sacrifice
  • Gives you the confidence needed to perfectly complement your driving conditions
  • Designed to work with your stock shock
  • Fits All Years
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Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Spring Slam Package lowering hit

Road Star Spring Slam Package

Here's our most popular package! No matter what they tell you, there is a difference. Our lowering kits were designed the correct way the first time. Then we added our unmatched Progressive Rear spring. This package offers the Comfort, Control, and Performance other kits simply cannot offer. 
  • Contains both our Lowering Kit and Progressive Rear Spring (shown above)
  • Package discounted 10% savings to you
  • Fits All Years

Hot Tip: When installing the lowering kit, the spring and lowering linkage come off the bike together. That's the ideal time to change the spring too. No additional tools are required!

Combined Retail $169.90
Package Price $152.05


Yamaha Road Star Progressive Rear Shocks

Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star 465 Progressive Rear Shock 465-1139B, 465-1140B

Road Star 465 Progressive Rear Shock

  • High pressure gas monotube ultimate performance
  • 5 position rebound adjuster adjust to changing conditions and riding style
  • Threaded body Fine adjustments on sag
  • Aluminum Body and components - Light weight and stylish
  • Hard anodize finish Good durability and corrosion resistance
  • 46mm Bore & Internal Floating Piston - Consistent damping
  • High quality Viton seals - leak free reliability
  • Application Specific Each shocks is custom tuned (damping and spring rate) for that bike
  • Lowered Applications For height impaired riders
  • Re-buildable
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fits All Years
Sug. Retail $495.95
PCS Price $449.95

465-1139B, 465-1140B


Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star 465 Progressive Rear Shock W/RAP 465-5004B, 465-5005B

Road Star 465 Progressive Rear Shock W/RAP

  • High-pressure gas monotube design for the ultimate performance
  • Five-position rebound adjustment to tailor the suspension for changing conditions and riding styles
  • Threaded shock body with a wide range of adjustment to fine-tune preload and sag
  • Hard anodized aluminum body and components for excellent durability and corrosion resistance
  • 46mm bore and deflective disc piston provides precise damping
  • 16mm hard chrome shaft rides on custom viton seals for low friction and leak-free reliability
  • Each shock is custom tuned (damping and spring rate) for each fitment
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Fits All Years
Sug. Retail $745.95
PCS Price $669.95

465-5004B, 465-5005B


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Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Short Kickstand BA-8520-00

Road Star Shorty Kickstand

  • Easy toe access for quick flip down
  • Unique shape adds style to your Road Star
  • Directly replaces stock kickstand using existing bolt and spring
  • The Shorty Kickstand provides the ideal lean angle for lowered bikes, or those with adjustable air-ride systems
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Maintains neutral switch function

Note: Because a lot of people ask, If you are just lowering the rear of the bike with one of our lowering kits, a shorter kickstand is not required.

Sug. Retail $114.95
PCS Price $97.95



Yamaha Road Star / Wild Star Rear Air Ride

Road Star Progressive Lowering Front Springs 10-1563

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