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Ship First (preferred)
 When you place an order for a core exchange item, the items will be prepared for you. Once the items are ready, we will contact you to notify you that the parts you ordered are ready for immediate delivery (be sure to provide us with a phone number that we will be able to reach you at during daytime hours). At that time, you will need to ship the appropriate core items to us, once we receive your core items and inspect them, we will immediately ship the new complete parts reserved for you to you.


Ship Last
 We may at our discretion hold a core charge in lieu of core parts being shipped prior to shipment of the new parts to you. If you are unable to ship your items to us prior to us shipping the new parts to you, please contact us. We may be able to make arrangements for you. A charge for this service may apply. You will be responsible for replacement costs for any items that are not acceptable as cores. Please read the Core Charge policy below.



Our core policy is designed to make your purchase simple for us and for you. This is how it works:

Once the core item leaves our facility (not the date of order), we allow 30 days for you to sent your return core to us. This generally gives most riders a couple of weeks to try the item out or have it installed (please consider shipping time when determining how long you have to return your seat core).

 If your return core is not received by us within the 30 day period, your credit card on file will be charged for the full retail cost of the OEM replacement core*. (i.e. Depending on your bike, the core charge for a seat starts at $274.00 and up based upon what the OEM cost is to replace our seat). At that time, we will give you an additional 30 days to return your core to us. If the core is received during that 30 day period, we will refund the core charge to you minus 20% for processing fees.

 If after that 2nd 30 day period your core is not received, we will consider the purchase finalized and there will be no refund issued.

Please understand, we prefer to not charge any customer for a core replacement. So if for some reason (bad weather, etc) you are unable to return the core within the 30 day period, please call us. We are more than happy to work out additional time if needed. We just need to be aware of where our cores are.

Important: Cores must be for the same item purchased (i.e. if you order a factory OEM studded seat, you must return a factory OEM studded seat.) Cores MUST be undamaged and unaltered. Seats returned with damaged skins subject the purchaser to additional replacement costs and/or may not be accepted. Please call us if you have any questions about the condition of your core 1(509)466-3410. We will be happy to help out.

  • It is entirely your responsibility to read and understand our core charge policy, once you place the order you agree to the above terms as stated and authorize us to charge your core charge accordingly.

* PCS cannot be held responsible for actions by your financial institution. If the core chare is not able to be placed on the credit card we have on file, your case may be sent to collections and additional cost may be incurred.

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