After seeing almost all our recent fender designs, lowering kits, performance products, and several other of our products being outright copied by an east coast rival “company” (this company even stole its name from a reputable engine company!) we decided something needed to be done. So instead of throwing wrenches and banning ALL sales to the east coast to prevent him from getting them to copy them, .... we just went to work, and designed and fabricated ANOTHER ORIGINAL PCS fender design that many of you have asked for!

Our rear hugger fender is hand laid, and fully skirted (the way MOST body shops prefer). Then we gave it the name "Soon 2B Copied" (because we are sure that’s what will happen to it, just like what happened to our other products). Another reason we gave it the "aka" name is, hopefully this will draw attention to unethical business practices. Why does it matter? Because it hurts you, the customer, the most. The reason it hurts you is because it means you have less choice. Yeah, a knock off product may be a few dollars cheaper, (which is generally because of cheaper quality, and no expense of research, design and development) but more than that, it means now 2 (or more) companies are selling you the same thing. How does that give you more choice? We believe it would be better to have 2 (or more) companies selling 2 (or more) different unique products for you to choose from. Also keep in mind, companies that continually have products knocked off but sell plenty of product to local customers have much less incentive to offer new products over the internet (believe it or not, this fender was completed and selling locally early 2004). Once again customers lose.

The choice is yours but we encourage you to support companies who endeavor to develop new products. Also, make your opinion heard (on Internet forums, local riding clubs, etc.) about companies that make their living ripping off the hard work, and creativities of others. Ride Safe PCS

Ride Safe


(update) We were right, it has been knocked off.


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