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Exhaust Warranty


 IMPORTANT: Start the bike and let it idle. If you see any smoke from the surface of the exhaust pipe anywhere, don't be alarmed but immediately stop the engine and let the pipe cool to touch. Repeat this process until no more smoke is seen coming from the pipe. Do not wipe the pipes with anything during this process. Read all tuning information below.

 NOTE: Ceramic is a very durable coating. Almost all coating failures are due to improper AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) settings which causes the pipe to overheat. Your AFR should be professionally checked. Jetting and tuning your carburetors or fuel injection for the pipe(s) is the purchasers responsibility and must be done. Since we cannot know what each bike is equipped with, we do not make jetting recommendations. Pipe wraps will void the warranty.

 If exhaust temperatures exceed 1200 degrees (properly tuned headers will run at about 700 degrees) for an extended period of time, the coating will turn dull. Excess exhaust temperatures are normally caused by excessively lean or excessively rich air/fuel mixtures. It is extremely important that the engine is properly set-up prior to your first engine run.


 Before installation, inspect the exhaust for any shipping damage before installation

 PCS Series Pipes are performance exhaust headers and must be properly tuned both front and rear cylinder (We have now said this several times!). For warranty claims to be accepted, documentation showing proper installation and correct tuning at the time of installation must be provided. (Why do we require this? See below) Do not assume factory tuning is adequate, it won't be. Even if the bike “seems” to be "running fine", our exhaust will move significantly more air than stock and other aftermarket exhaust systems. Improper tuning can cause coating failure and eventually expensive engine damage (which is true with any aftermarket exhaust system).

 PCS Series pipes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date shipped. Ceramic / Chrome coatings will be covered from defects for a period of 90 days from date of purchase. Proof of purchase such as original invoice must accompany all warranty claims. Any request to return defective merchandise must receive pre-approval from PCS.

 Warranty claims must be returned to PCS freight prepaid and will not be refunded. Upon inspection and determination of a valid warranty claim, PCS will replace or repair the part(s) and return it via carrier of our choice. Discoloration on chrome and/or ceramic coating “burn off” is caused by tuning characteristics, carburetion, overheating etc, and is not caused by defective manufacturing. Proper tuning is the responsibility of the purchaser. Therefore, there is no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regards to discoloration or “burn off”. No credit will be issued for labor charges, or other costs incurred beyond the cost of the original product.

 The exhaust level and pitch will vary from one pipe and motorcycle to the next. PCS makes no warranty or guarantee as to any sound or pitch. PCS will not warranty any product that has been modified or damaged. Please call PCS with any questions related to warranty issues. PCS exhaust systems are not intended for use on noise or pollution controlled vehicles when the installation of the same would be in violation of state or federal laws governing noise or emission standards. Fitment on customized motorcycles is not assured.

Why do we require this?

At Pacific Coast Star, not only do we sell parts and accessories, we also install and tune them for customers. We have installed and tuned countless exhaust systems on bikes which have thousands and thousands of miles on them and have very little to no chrome discoloration and / or have ceramic coatings which look virtually new.

So you can imagine when a customer contacts us demanding us to recoat their "damaged" pipe, we are very confident the tuning process was not properly done, or not done at all.

We are also aware that nothing is perfect and at times "stuff happens". This is why we have warranties, right? When we get a pipe back, the metal in the pipe will show what temperature a pipe was subjected to. If its determined to be within normal range, we will be happy to repair or correct the warranty issue. Hopefully that helps you understand. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

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