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  Progressive springs are not the same as a traditional "straight weight" springs. Many companies offer stiffer springs, which can help with load carrying capacity, but significantly degrade the ride when riding solo or unloaded. This is because a straight weight spring only delivers one spring rate, from unloaded to fully loaded (or compressed). While a straight weight spring may ride and feel fine when your bike is loaded, the stiffness of the spring creates a less comfortable ride, and less control when riding solo.

  A Progressive rated spring is much different. Our progressive springs offers a lighter more controlled spring rate when the bike is being ridden solo on a smooth road. This lighter spring rate will absorb medium and smaller bumps much better than a more rigid straight rate spring. This lighter rate also allows your wheel to stay in more consistent contact with the road, and will provide a much better rebound rate (basically the speed at which the spring un-compresses, or how fast it returns to full length). But when your bike is loaded (with a passenger, or luggage etc) the progressive spring will automatically, progressively increase its spring pressure up to as needed (you don't need to do anything). This higher spring pressure provided will resist bottoming out, dive when hitting large bumps or cornering, and will noticeable improve your bikes control and comfort.

  Also, because straight weight spring manufacturers attempt to compromise between comfort, and performance, they will never be able to give you the full 1250 lb rate that our HD Progressive springs can. Why, because if you installed a 1250 lb straight weight spring, your ride would be so rigid you would feel every bump, and your wheels would easily skip (or hop) when going over small to medium bumps. And, if you hit a large bump while riding solo, be sure your chiropractor is ready because your back is going to take a pretty big jolt. This won't happen with our progressive springs. Our progressive rate springs provides everything a straight weight spring can provide and MUCH more without compromise! Because when your out riding either solo or with a passenger, a compromise is the last thing you want.



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