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Pacific Coast Star Yamaha Star Cruiser Parts and Accessories

V Star 1100 Rear Suspension

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Yamaha V Star 1100 Rear Suspension and Lowering Kits

Yamaha V Star 1100 Suspension and Lowering Kits

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Picture shows the 3/4" lowered position

2 1/4" lowered positions

V Star 1100 Adjustable Lowering Kit

In 2000 PCS was the FIRST company to design and introduce a multiple position lowering kit for the V-Star 1100. Later that year we improved on our kit with our easy adjust 2 setting kit, and later to the 4 setting kit which we now sell.  Our lowering kits once again are the first of their kind and unlike the competitions,  make it possible to very easily and quickly  switch between settings without the complication removing the linkage bolts and re-installing them each time you switch ride heights. So don't be frustrated with inferior hard to adjust lowering kits, that either don't easily allow 2 up riding, or require a heavier spring that is so stiff that 1 up riding is uncomfortable. Each of our kits come with a limited lifetime warranty. So when you purchase from us, you know you are getting the original and the best.

Spend more time riding, and less time wrenching!!!

  • PCS Designed to provide Stock, 3/4", 1 1/2", and the Ultimate 2 1/4" below stock settings

  • Gives your bike a tough lowered look, eases handling and lowers the center of gravity

  • EASY ADJUST allows adjustments in seconds unlike other "adjustable" kits which can require 20 minutes or more to change ride heights

  • Does Not soften or stiffen your rear spring rate. 

  • Comes with complete simple instructions and easily installs with a few basic tools

  • Fits Classic and Custom Models and requires no permanent modifications

  • Fits all Years




V Star 1100 Progressive Rear Spring

  • Our Progressive rated springs are the most advanced in the industry

  • Provides a progressive spring rate which adjusts as needed from 825lb to 1250lb as you ride. No "straight weight " spring can come close to matching it's performance and comfort

  • Gives you the confidence needed to perfectly complement your driving conditions

  • Designed to work with your stock shock

  • Fits Custom and Classic Models

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V Star 1100 Spring Slam Package

Here's the package many of you have requested!

  • Contains our best selling Lowering Kit and Progressive Rear Spring (shown above)

  • Discounted 10% savings to you

  • Fits Custom and Classic Models

Reg. Retail $128.00
Package Price $116.05


V Star 1100 465 Progressive Rear Shock Assembly 465-1151 / 465-1152

V Star 1100 465 Progressive Rear Shock Assembly

  •  High pressure gas monotube ultimate performance

  • 5 position rebound adjuster adjust to changing conditions and riding styles

  • Threaded body Fine adjustments on sag

  • Aluminum Body and components - Light weight and stylish

  • Hard anodize finish Good durability and corrosion resistance

  • 46mm Bore & Internal Floating Piston- Consistent damping

  • High quality Viton seals - leak free reliability

  • Application Specific Each shocks is custom tuned (damping and spring rate) for that bike

  • Lowered Applications For height impaired riders

  • Re-buildable

Progressive Rear Shock
Sug. Retail $495.95
PCS Price $429.95
Progressive Rear Shock 1" lowered
Sug. Retail $495.95
PCS Price $429.95


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FEGV-S3801, 10-1554, 11-1126, 465-1152, 465-1151, BA-7540-00, BA-8543VS

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